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Gotta Love The Freedom Balls

The Great Taylor Debate (a reflection)
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Given my current state of affairs and the "regressive behavior" I've been participating in lately, I thought I might muse a little on the past ten years and how things have changed. One thing, though, that hasn't changed is my constant response, "UGH," when I hear the name "Taylor."

Taylor 1: "The Original Recipe" -- Taylor Townsend; Autumn Reeser

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You'd think there would be some maturing or something to go on over the next eight or so years, right? But we were met next by the "Big Kahuna" -- Taylor Swift who has become a serious hot-button topic on both sides of the argument.

Taylor 2: "The Big Kahuna" -- Taylor Swift

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I suspect this has just turned into a reason to rant about Turkey number two. But I hope that somebody (does anybody ever even read this stuff?) gets where I'm coming from here. Nobody has to agree, I'm all about a nice healthy argument.

NHL Eastern Conference Finals
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I wonder .... if players would quit talking to Pierre MaGuire before the game (cough penguins cough, all inappropriate jokes aside in this parenthesis) and focus on you think there might actually be a game to watch instead of a slaughter? Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm seeing, but as a fan of hockey itself, it's just so pathetic...especially living here....and having watched almost every Pens game this see them play like this....for real...PIERRE GET A REAL JOB! (again, keeping this clean).

What to say...
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I've begun trying to purge the toxic people from my life. Slowly and quietly, of course, starting with a co-worker on Facebook who I'm sure I've only felt a "feeling of being friends" with as a direct result of facebook friending. So, I cut that facebook piece out. I doubt it will really affect her in the slightest seeing as the last time I wanted to tell her about a fb status she couldn't even find me or spell my name. That's real dedication there..."I can't find you."

I saw a nutritionist this week and we decided that my goals don't really include weight loss, more "healthy choices I can make to make me feel good / happy" I think this is exactly what I need. She gave me some sample menus, nothing I haven't seen before, given my job, but we talked about ways to motivate me and ways to make me feel accountable if I don't follow through. It's also good for me to physically see what I'm not doing / doing wrong / etc. So we have a "to do" sort of list for me. I like it. Now to be financially responsible to follow through... *fingers crossed*

Did you ever have that feeling....
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...where you walk into a place you've been neglecting to go for a long time and you breathe in and say "I'm home?" Last night I wandered over to Livejournal. It was so eerie! I looked at myself and realized a lot about who I was and what has and hasn't changed.

I've realized that I had a knack for being in toxic friendships. This is something that hasn't changed. But ultimately the people who still stick with me are folks from Livejournal. People I've known for years, and several people I have never met. The least toxic thing in my life is the one I've neglected the most. And maybe I don't have the time for posting, and I don't have any shows I want to join a community for, but it's having a place to vent that isn't full of family to judge me or work to fire me, it's "home."

I look here, and I see the real me. The me that didn't have to hide behind anything. I see how often I was hurt by people I thought I loved....people I thought were friends...people who I don't even speak to anymore. I see what used to make me happy. The things missing in my life now.

Don't expect that I visit daily or hourly as I have in the past. Given my recent history, monthly might even be a stretch. I live on Facebook and vacation on Twitter now. Far away from home. But the people here, the ones who have literally been here with me through good and bad, still know where to find me. I can't believe the people I've had the easiest time keeping touch with are mostly people I have never had a face-to-face interaction with. And they are the people I miss most often. "The Tie That Binds" ....right?

I don't really know what this post is, and I'm being as vague as possible so as to not get attached. Essentially this post is a shout out to all of the "you know who you are" people in my life.

But I still hate labels.
"I'm Still Seth Cohen"

woe is me....
apples n trees - Kel
lol let me just put it this way, no explanation attached. There are few days I don't think about taking a shot of tequila before I go into work.

In other news, Cassie and Josh are proud parents! Yay! I went to see them yesterday. Aurora (Bo) Jo Seaver. Such a pretty baby...I don't think I have ever seen a baby that new...I don't even know if I saw my sister when she was that new... I was four and a half. Go figure, right?

Well, it's 10:05 and I didn't get any calls from part one of my worry list. Now I have part two until 2:00. Then part three until I decide to go to bed. So yeah, I may have that tequila today sometime or tomorrow before work (or both). I'm trying to make it til at least noon... Too bad I don't have a Balcony. I would get a lawnchair and umbrella and drink with my sunglasses and Jimmy Buffett hat on. Maybe I will wear the hat anyways...and all I see right now are 3-D glasses. *thinks* .... I just wanna be on some beach, somewhere.

(Caseville, MI, Summer 2009)

Here's to Goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon.
Well, I realized yesterday that I had several depressing things to think about. Mostly how I have a decent job, some genuinely real friends, and most of all people who can come up with something nice to say aboot me even if it's just to cheer me up. However, I concluded that I am still feeling rather "alone" or "lonely" or maybe both. I've been single my entire life, and it's never really bothered me until I realized I don't exactly have any single friends. I force myself into a third wheel situation, and I'm actually more comfortable in group situations than one on ones. I wouldn't even know what to do without feeling awkward if there wasn't a third or more person there. Well, that may be a stretch, but still... It's not like I try and be ...not single... but I don't really have a whole lot of a social life to share with anybody. I'm not exactly a social person. Look how often I update this sunnuvagun. Having come to this conclusion last night, I went to bed at 8:30PM, after watching some semi-freakish version of a Miley Cyrus song on American Idol. My alarm went off at 4:30 to a song I didn't want to start my day to and I went back asleep to wake up at 6:47. I was supposed to be at work at 6. Oops.

So, I guess I must've slept off whatever my problem was last night because I feel a lot better. I don't care so much about those things. Now I'm off for 3 days and have not really anything to do. Well, besides maybe think about the Good things going for me. I'm happy, I think. Maybe I just don't know what it's like to be happy after so many years of being surrounded by bitter disappointment and inconsistencies. I'm out on my own. I should be having fun. If I made a new year's resolution to make one new friend this year do you suppose I could do it? I don't care if it's March 4 (I had put the 3rd then, having realized that could be why I couldn't get up this morning, changed my mind) but I think I'm going to try it. Where do people look for new friends that aren't necessarily something of the "relationship" category?

Maybe I'm still tired. Am I being unrealistic? I'm not used to encouragement. I'm not used to being the one that has to change plans, nor the one who forgets about them. But, to those of you who have dealt with my shortcomings over the years, I am sorry. :) For some reason, I've had this feeling for a while that I want to irk some people. I've been very good about not naming names and pointing fingers, and it has led me to this warped sense of self that decrees from time to time,

"nanananananana I wanna get in a fight!"

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This whole LJ Statistics thing has proven to me that nobody reads my journal. Well, obviously people do, I had 2 hits, but still that's only 2. And one was probably me. HAHA.

In other news, I am starting to feel guilty for not feeling guilt... But, I guess it could be worse.

I woke up to inches of snow. It made for a very white 5:30am drive today.

And the days...
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...dwindle down to a precious few. That's a quote from my high school government / econ teacher, Bill. He's known for many MANY entertaining zingers towards classmates and, of course, myself. He remembers exactly where every student he's ever had has sat in his classroom, including my father. Bill has since retired, but anybody who has ever been his student will never forget that line.

And what better way to begin a post so close to New Year's? "And the days dwindle down to a precious few."

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hello... this thing on?....


*blinks* Hello, LJ
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Well, I haven't done this in forever, so it's about time I post. something at least.

Let's see, I've been working a lot and when I'm not at work I skip town to visit Heather. All is well. Well, everything except the working a lot.

I went to a wedding this weekend and took pictures, which can be found on Facebook unless you track me down via Yahoo Instant Messenger. I think we would all prefer Facebook though. Maybe.

The wedding was pretty nice. I felt compelled to make some sort of speech on Jenny's behalf, considering everybody who did the toast thing pretty much just said "we're glad we made andrew go to tech because that's how he met her..." pretty much crediting themselves for there even being a wedding. And the matron of honor's speech pretty much said that they wanted andrew to be a girl and they didn't get to know jenny very much but they like what they know thus far. ...I felt the need to say how I didn't know andrew hardly at all and the longest conversation I had with him took place at the wedding reception discussing the uses of Facebook. It's weird though because ... well ... and maybe Michelle will agree with me here.... it didn't really seem like a wedding / reception. I've never seen a cotillion outside of on The OC, but it seemed more like some kind of debut party where Jenny didn't seem to want to be there at all. I'm happy for her, yes, but I dunno.... It's hard to put into words what I'm thinking, but I articulated it during the event so again maybe Michelle can help me out.

Jenny's parents were happy to see me and worried I wasn't going to make it home alright, as was Jenny...and I can only assume Andrew was a little more than indifferent. We made an effort to get along with each other while we were talking.

I dunno, ... Michelle what do you think of this one?

The whole thing just felt way too superficial.


School starts Monday. Yeah, I'm going back. Why? Just because. Just because? Yeah. Isn't that a waste of money? According to my mom it is but I would rather be smarter than my mom than compliant with my mom.


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