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*blinks* Hello, LJ
Kel, I ganked your picture
Well, I haven't done this in forever, so it's about time I post. something at least.

Let's see, I've been working a lot and when I'm not at work I skip town to visit Heather. All is well. Well, everything except the working a lot.

I went to a wedding this weekend and took pictures, which can be found on Facebook unless you track me down via Yahoo Instant Messenger. I think we would all prefer Facebook though. Maybe.

The wedding was pretty nice. I felt compelled to make some sort of speech on Jenny's behalf, considering everybody who did the toast thing pretty much just said "we're glad we made andrew go to tech because that's how he met her..." pretty much crediting themselves for there even being a wedding. And the matron of honor's speech pretty much said that they wanted andrew to be a girl and they didn't get to know jenny very much but they like what they know thus far. ...I felt the need to say how I didn't know andrew hardly at all and the longest conversation I had with him took place at the wedding reception discussing the uses of Facebook. It's weird though because ... well ... and maybe Michelle will agree with me here.... it didn't really seem like a wedding / reception. I've never seen a cotillion outside of on The OC, but it seemed more like some kind of debut party where Jenny didn't seem to want to be there at all. I'm happy for her, yes, but I dunno.... It's hard to put into words what I'm thinking, but I articulated it during the event so again maybe Michelle can help me out.

Jenny's parents were happy to see me and worried I wasn't going to make it home alright, as was Jenny...and I can only assume Andrew was a little more than indifferent. We made an effort to get along with each other while we were talking.

I dunno, ... Michelle what do you think of this one?

The whole thing just felt way too superficial.


School starts Monday. Yeah, I'm going back. Why? Just because. Just because? Yeah. Isn't that a waste of money? According to my mom it is but I would rather be smarter than my mom than compliant with my mom.

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school again? mann, haven't you had enough yet??!

You may be right. I may be crazy. But I just may be the LUNATIC you're looking for. :0)

Not crazy so much as really upset with the way my career outlook is.

I got to talk to Jenny before I left. I got the impression that this was one of those things I'm going to do if it means I can spend my life with you things. but aren't all weddings? I think the amount of fun you have or if you look you want to be there depends if your into the dance, eat cake, social kinda person. I am. I had a blast at mine. I think Jenny's more like Eric. He wanted to say I do and go home. But family members seem to want their wedding party, as he found out with ours. All in all my wedding/ reception didn't feel like a wedding/reception either.

My own husband proves you can not like your relatives and the relatives not know you much or at all and everyone gets along fine. And moving to Grad school might just keep it that way for them too.

I know your concerned about them not knowing Jenny well when they gave their toasts you should have heard ours. My maid of honor didn't know eric at all (they had just meet) and his best man only knew that I didn't like him much. The maid talked about me and stuck on the end how happy she was that I found eric and the man talked about eric and stuck on the end that he was glad to see eric so happy.

Eric would kill me if he read this, but there are several pictures of him as a baby in dresses. He had all girl cousins and they wanted to play dress up. The family christening gown is a dress. And there is band dare picture some where (his best man doesn't want to part with it) with eric in a dress. For all we know andrew wished his sisters had been boys...

And there are all my thoughts for the moment.

Yeah, I think that's the impression I got. I guess I just have high expectations. The wedding was cool and not long and agonizing. The whole cutting in thing just bugged me enough to ruin everything else. Seriously, I just always get the feeling that I fight for attention from everybody so when I lost the bit of attention I had at the moment it was ... like I said "the story of my life." lol.

Hopefully when they move and the means are there, a visit to see them will not be one of those fighting for attention deals. I'm not bitter about the whole thing as much as I keep feeling like I should give up on things. But I know from experience that the result I want to get from my giving up is not what will never does. I find a way to piss people off. :0)

Jenny's ahead of me in one thing. I think she actually talked to everyone at her wedding. At mine there was so many people cutting in and taking me places that I think I only made it around to half of them. Or maybe I was just stupid (nothing new there...)

I suspect you still might feel your fighting for attention when you visit because its not just Jenny anymore. Its Jenny and Andrew. He'll probably always come first to her.

this is laurene just letting you know i'm going to annoy you to update.

and for you to add me. hah

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