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woe is me....
apples n trees - Kel
lol let me just put it this way, no explanation attached. There are few days I don't think about taking a shot of tequila before I go into work.

In other news, Cassie and Josh are proud parents! Yay! I went to see them yesterday. Aurora (Bo) Jo Seaver. Such a pretty baby...I don't think I have ever seen a baby that new...I don't even know if I saw my sister when she was that new... I was four and a half. Go figure, right?

Well, it's 10:05 and I didn't get any calls from part one of my worry list. Now I have part two until 2:00. Then part three until I decide to go to bed. So yeah, I may have that tequila today sometime or tomorrow before work (or both). I'm trying to make it til at least noon... Too bad I don't have a Balcony. I would get a lawnchair and umbrella and drink with my sunglasses and Jimmy Buffett hat on. Maybe I will wear the hat anyways...and all I see right now are 3-D glasses. *thinks* .... I just wanna be on some beach, somewhere.

(Caseville, MI, Summer 2009)

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This beach is better. You can be there. Just come visit me.

sun on a beach

but where are the boats and people?! haha maybe I will... It's almost June I wonder if I am still up for technically paid vacation...

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