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The Great Taylor Debate (a reflection)
Kel, I ganked your picture
Given my current state of affairs and the "regressive behavior" I've been participating in lately, I thought I might muse a little on the past ten years and how things have changed. One thing, though, that hasn't changed is my constant response, "UGH," when I hear the name "Taylor."

Taylor 1: "The Original Recipe" -- Taylor Townsend; Autumn Reeser

According to some google search I did (yeah, my memory alone was not going to suffice here) Taylor Townsend joined the drama-filled hit show The OC in 2005, but the show started in 2003...ten years ago almost. She had a fling with the dean of discipline and was a real pain in the ass, if I remember correctly. But over her time on the show, her character grew into an annoying yet respectable member of the cast and after graduation in 2006 was invited to the "core circle" by Seth, who naturally had to quip that he was just kidding. Typical Seth Cohen. (cref: my username).

Anyways, in the blogworld, Taylor took the biggest hit for "breaking up the group," or trying to, anyways...all speculation, to my recollection. Especially at the beginning. There were also people who argued, though, that the show was becoming dull and routine and how can you have a drama without something super-spicy to "kill the mood" so to speak.

What I don't remember, though, is where I stood on the issue. I have currently watched the second half of Season 3 of The OC and am forming the opinion that she was, in fact, necessary. She really was a non-factor between Johnny's death and Marissa's, aside from her Valedictorian speech which I still love thanks to her final words being "Don't let the bastards get you down."

You'd think there would be some maturing or something to go on over the next eight or so years, right? But we were met next by the "Big Kahuna" -- Taylor Swift who has become a serious hot-button topic on both sides of the argument.

Taylor 2: "The Big Kahuna" -- Taylor Swift

I am yet to find out what is so "swift" about this half-wit. She actually seemed to appear prevalent around the same time as Taylor it by design or sheer bastard tryin' to get me down, I am not sure.

Taylor Swift's voice alone causes me physical distress, and apparently that is not a valid argument. I refuse to take the "She's such a ho" stance, as difficult as it is to avoid. I like to think there is some sort of class in my logic? The Taylor Swift I've consumed (it's a very hard metaphor to stick with...this chicken thing? but I mean in terms of consumerism and, you know, grown up / business sort of stuff) has since she was very young been trying to manipulate teenage girls into some sort of fantasy realm where all guys are princes and they are completely and 100% disposable and in full stock at all times.

I get it, she has bad breakups and profits off them. Again. Consumerism. Her audience base will always be the same because the young kids who followed her from the beginning will never give up on somebody who keeps telling them "everything will be OK." Her songs anymore aren't heart-felt. I could provide you with a list of songs I appreciate from Taylor Swift. As is the case with human beings, nobody is ALL bad. However, the heart-felt stuff has to be commercialized for profit and loses any merit it ever had.

Take for instance her song "Ours." It's a song about loving somebody despite their (BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN) flaws and not caring what others say about the relationship because, simply put, "this love is ours." I like this song, I really do. Or I did, until she sold out in her video. Don't believe me? How does this person who has tattoos, gaps between his teeth, and other strange quirks...most of which do not earn him respect from her father...wind up in the video to be a member of the US Military? I will give you, it seems I am speculating that people in the military are perfect -- You and I both know that NOBODY, no matter how chivalrous, is perfect. What I'm saying is, portray what you're singing about in your video. Don't say "ooh I wanna be all patriotic all of a sudden" ... especially with a heartfelt song. I would argue that her videos up to that point had been completely original and explicitly planned out to her specific quality.

Whether or not I like it has no bearing on that...she has legitimate videos up to that point. And since, we've seen and heard bogus BS like "We are never ever ever ever ever ever getting back together," and "22." The world will never see or hear her sing Treacherous without purchasing the CD. She has turned into corporation, I could argue corruption, and also, consumerism. These are deadly to quality of life for us "real people" without fame and fortune. Get back to your roots! Listen to some Tim MaGraw and calm your ass down or something! You're still doing this for the love of music, right? Not the love of the spotlight? Not to get banged by anything that will "tap that?"

It's like somebody walks up to you now and says "Who are you?" and you respond, "Whoever you want me to be." ...but without the Ryan Atwood appeal.

I suspect this has just turned into a reason to rant about Turkey number two. But I hope that somebody (does anybody ever even read this stuff?) gets where I'm coming from here. Nobody has to agree, I'm all about a nice healthy argument.


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